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How Hurricane Irma Changed My Life

So I finally get to share my hurricane experience with everyone. Yes I know this post is super late but I JUST got WiFi back last week. Prior to that Internet service was really slow and I was unable to upload or download large files. I arrived in Anguilla August 20,  2 weeks prior to hurricane Irma, and I really enjoyed myself. But of course I had no idea that this little island was soon to experience the worst hurricane in history. A few days leading up to the hurricane I saw a news clip from Fox 5 that upgraded the hurricane from a category 3 to a 4. I remember going on YouTube to find videos of  Category 4 hurricanes. I wanted to see the type of devastation left. The amount of destruction. Immediately I remembered hurricane Ivan in Grenada and how it totally destroyed my country, it was a category 4. I also researched Anguilla's hurricane history. The worst recorded hurricane in the country was about 20 years prior, hurricane Luis. I started to become very nervous. I had never …

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