Visit the Caribbean for Under $200 Roundtrip!!

St. Anne, Martinique 

Think it's too good to be true? Well you're absolutely wrong! There are always travel websites with amazing deals, you just have to stay faithful and check for deals weekly or sometimes daily. I posted links to these sites in my first blog post.

Last year January I had returned from spending my winter break at home in Grenada and was itching to get away again. These cold DMV winters can be quite depressing for a sun worshipper like myself.  At the time I was subscribed to a daily travel deal website and one day received info about cheap nonstop flights to Martinique (French West Indies) from BWI. I was immediately intrigued because I had never been to Martinique and I didn't know anyone who had ever been either. Plus, the flights were nonstop! The link led me to Norwegian Airlines. Norwegian flies out of a handful of U.S. cities to destinations all over the world, but only two in the caribbean. The other country being Guadeloupe. I chose the calendar of low fares option and chose my dates. This view allows you to chose the cheapest possible departure and return. The airline only flies to and from Fort de France, Martinique on Mondays and Fridays. So I chose just a weekend trip. I sent the link to one of my best friends, Lorna, and we booked our tickets! My total came to only $167 roundtrip! Then we used Airbnb to find a place for the 3 nights we were there, which came to a total of only $125 each! This spectacular international  weekend getaway only cost me $292!!

So this is how it works....Norwegian offers roundtrip specials to these countries nonstop from BWI and JFK from November to April every year.  Outside of this special,  roundtrip tickets average about $900 and up, so this is an amazing deal.

Things to Know

  • Norwegian charges about $45 for your checked bag and that can increase based on the weight.
  • You are allowed a personal bag and a small carryon free of charge
  • There is only one flight departure time per week so don't miss your flight! (i.e. departs BWI Friday at  1 PM and departs FDF 8 AM on Monday).
  • Most people do not speak English in this country so the language barrier can be immensely frustrating.  
  • Bring along someone who speaks conversational French. My friend Lorna is Haitian and speaks a little French so that was a big help.
  • Tickets can only be booked at this price during the sale dates mentioned above.
  • Martinique's Carnival is during February so this would be a great time to visit.

I will give more information and share photos about my trips to Martinique ( I took two)  in upcoming posts. If you guys have any questions about the booking process or Martinique please leave them below.


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